Soul Calibur II
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Countless legends surround a sword known as Soul Edge. Some claim it was the ultimate weapon. Others refer to it as the "Sword of Heroes." ...A phantom sword with immeasurable power of the spirits... the key to eternal youth... treasure without equal... a panacea to cure all illness... There are even those who consider it the "Sword of Salvation." Now you

uuid: 903BCEE8-AFCD-46C8-9496-009FAB0AB02F
upc: 0722674021449
title: Soul Calibur II
purchase date: 08-05-2005
publisher: Namco
published: 29-08-2003
price: $49.99
platform: Xbox
net Rating: 4.5
last lookup time: 137286800
genre: Action
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fullTitle: Soul Calibur II
esrbrating: Teen
currentValue: $7.95
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