ATV Off Road Fury
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Imagine insane jumps, wild off-road courses, and crazy stunts that could only be performed in the make-believe world of video games. Add to that the power of the PlayStation2 system, and you have all the ingredients of an arcade classic racing title on the PS2.
The physics in ATV Offroad Fury are absolutely incredible. Drivers and ATVs react accordingly as they hit the ground, and other riders need to be wary when someone takes a wipeout--one fall on these tight courses can send a shockwave of collisions through the pack.
The game provides arcade-style controls, which fit perfectly with the best aspects of the game. ATV Offroad Fury is one game that is best played with friends, as the artificial intelligence is unrealistically consistent. If you mess up, computer-controlled riders slow down to offer you a chance to get back into things. It does not seem to matter how poorly a player does for the first three laps of a five-lap race. If no mistakes are made in the final two laps, the computer opponents are easily overtaken.
The tracks are separated into three distinct groups: indoors, outdoors, and freestyle. The indoor tracks are fairly similar, as they are the same type of supercross tracks that you would see in a motocross game. The outdoor tracks, however, show much more variety in their terrains and backgrounds. From lush forests to harsh deserts all the way to snow-covered tundra, every track provides a different experience. The game's sound is merely decent; hearing those high-pitched engines at full throttle for too long begins to sound like you are being chased by a pack of killer bees.
Overall, ATV is a solid game that most everyone will want to try. The multiplayer mode really makes for a great party game, not only for its earnest competitiveness, but also for the entertainment value of the crashes and lunatic jumps and stunts. --Todd Mowatt

f2b cf0 Pros
f0b0 :
ls1ilvl0cf0 {listtext 'a5 }22 different tracks
{listtext 'a5 }20 different ATVs
{listtext 'a5 }Crisp control
{listtext 'a5 }Plenty of depth and replayability

f2b cf0 Cons
f0b0 :
ls2ilvl0cf0 {listtext 'a5 }AI makes for unrealistic races
{listtext 'a5 }Combo tricks are very difficult to pull off
{listtext 'a5 }Poor use of the PS2 controller force-feedback feature

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